Friday, May 29, 2009

Blog in style

Well I have to tell you I am so excited that I have a cute blog. I would look at everyone else blogs and think hey how did they get there's so cute! Well after a long night of a blog make over, I think it turned out pretty good. So I hope you enjoy it cause it was worth it. I haven't been in to the blog thing ever, but it is fun seeing everyone's day to day lives, and all the exciting news. So hopefully this will help keep you in touch with our lives better too. ENJOY!


  1. The blog looks like great! I love the pics of the girls, they are getting so big! They are adorable too!

  2. You figured it out! I'm so proud. Your girls are dolls. Miss you guys!

  3. Hey Amy! This is Sarah Willson. How are you? I stumbled on your blog and your family is so cute! Looks like your doing great. I'm adding you to my blog, the address is