Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kylee's last day of school

Well we have reached another milestone in our lives. Kylee is offically done with preschool. Crazy huh. Next year she will be going to kindergarten and Brinkley will be in preschool. Well Kylee had a great school year! It was kind of crazy for her, the poor girl went to three different schools this year with how much we have moved.

She started in Enterprise, and then went 3 months in St. George and then finished here in Queen Creek.

This is her holding up her snack matt, and showing Brinkley the ropes for next year, Kylee has improved and learned soooo much this year. She absolutely loves school and is very smart.

Here in Arizona her teacher was Ms. Klein and Ms. Jessica. They had a really fun class room and she has learned so much just in the 3 months of going here to Cortina.
Well now I have to figure out how to keep them busy all summer! Oh well I am excited for her to move on and she is too. Here comes summer! LOTS of swimming!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Carrie Underwood Concert!

Well we had a great weekend! We have been talking about trying to go to a concert the last couple of weeks. We just celebrated our 6 wedding anniversary on May 1st and we wanted to do something fun. Ever since we have been married I have given my husband a hard time, because he loves music and has never been to a concert! Which is just crazy I know!

So my sister in law Kari tells me that Carrie Underwood is coming to Phoenix. So Saturday I got on the internet looking for the date and tickets. Well the concert was scheduled for October like 12th, which would no way work for me cause I would have a new baby by then.
So I am looking at her tour and she is playing in Tucscan on May 15th and I'm looking at that date, and I'm like hey that't tonight! So i text Jim thinking nothing of it and he is like let's go!

I look at tickets and their is only 2 available and they are on the floor! So we are excited and we buy our tickted. Then like an hour before we were supposed to leave I checked the same website, cause my sister in law Kari and her husband Ed really wanted to go. 2 other tickets came available and they were on the front row! Sow we got there and the event center wasn't huge and there were tons of extra seats. So Jim and I sat next to them on the fron row and never got booted out! It was crazy fun! I can't believe how close we were!
Her opening acts were Sons of Syliva and Craig Morgan. They were both great Entertainers! Craig Morgan jumped down in the crowd and this is Kari and I giving him the hi five! Then Carrie performed she had about 10 different outfits and at one point road around the air in a old truck singing in the back! It was just a fun night and a great performance!

I think my husband is going to be ruined for now on front row seats on his first concert! Crazy I know! What a great time we all had! This picture of Carrie we took and she was like 5 feet away!
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