Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny Girls!

Well all last week we were with my Mom and Dad at their house.

Jim had to go to Salt Lake so we stayed with my parents.
I forgot my camera or I would of had some great pictures!
The girls had a great time playing in the snow... something we
don't see a lot of here.

I met up with Kara and Meagan in Layton and had a great time visiting at lunch
with them. If was fun to see them. I didn't get to see anyone at Christmas this year so it was good to catch up.

Then Jenny and I were feeling adventurous and we decided to take our 6 kids to the Circus! With just the two of us, we had a great time the kids loved the animals and the show so yes
it was worth it after all. These are funny pictures of the girls. When we got back Jim had brought back these things for them. So of course they had to try everything on.
Oh and the next day they tried the goggles out in the jacuzzi tub to see if the could swim and see under water.

I thought this one of the princess fairies was cute! What fun girls we have!
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