Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well we have been trying to go to Disneyland for the last couple of months and Jim's work schedule was soo crazy that we couldn't fit in a vacation. So he finished up the Huntsman Cancer center that he has been running and has break before the next job starts. So he called me last Wednesday and said lets get packed up we are going to Disneyland! The kids had swim lessons for the next 2 weeks so I called my Mom to see if she could watch Tanner if we could go last weekend,

So we packed our things and bought tickets and made reservations in the car! We got 3 day hopper passes and went to both Disneyland and California Adventure. The girls were in Heaven!! The weather was awesome! Mostly cloud cover which we were grateful for so we didn't burn up all day! It was pretty crowded we timed the big rides just right to where we didn't have to wait long to get on. We rode a ton of rides between the 3 days. We got to watch the Disney Parade, which was sooo fun and colorful. The girls loved it cause they got to see all the characters and we didn't have to chase them down. At night we watched the firework show over the Castle and Tinker Bell flying over it too. We also watched the World of Color light and Water show at California Adventure which was really neat too. We walked and walked all over! The girls were defiantly worn out by the third day! At one point they sat on Jim's feet as we slowly moved through the line! I think Disneyland is really the happiest place on earth... our kids couldn't stop smiling and Jim and I had sooooo much fun which them. We kept asking them what their favorite ride was and they always said everything! We loved it all. Sorry Mr. Tanner next time you will get to go! We missed our little buddy like crazy! We knew he was in good hands and it would have been crazy in the heat and lines with him with us. Next time buddy! The girls are already scheming on how to get us back again! Oh and of course we couldn't not say Hi to Mickey Mouse! The girls thought this was soo cool. He kissed Kylee's nose and gave Brinkley a hug and the just giggled and giggled! Tooo fun! They wore their first timer pins proudly! What a fun Trip!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big #4

Happy Birthday Brinkley! Brinkley turned 4 last week on June 9th.
She had an awesome birthday! We went boweling with grandma and Grandpa, and Casey and Ashley.

She was a great bowler! She loved it. Then we came back and had her party. We had just her on little friend over Hallie Kellett, Scott and Kelset came too. It was fun.

Brinkley wanted to wear her BEAUTIFUL princess dress ad crown the whole time. For her party she opened presants and we had cake and ice cream... all Princess of course!

She got lots of cute clothes! Barbies, a guitar, bug catching things ( for her potatoe bugs), and Casey and Ash got her a way cute baseball and mit that is pink and purple.. her favorite colors!

She is soo funny! It was fun to see how excited she was to open everything.
What a great day! Happy Birthday Brinkley!