Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Well we had a good Halloween this year. It was a lot different than we have had in the past. Usually we are in St. George and have warm weather and lots of parties and cousins. This year it was a pretty quiet month. For Halloween we had a trunk or treat at our church. Jim had school and Mom came down to hang out with us. We got a pizza shaped like a pumpkin for dinner and then went to the trunk or treat. I took the girls to a couple of houses on our street and then we came back and made caramel apples with the girls. Kylee and Brinkley enjoyed handing out the candy at our house I think as much as getting it. W carved our pumpkins the Monday before Halloween. Mom and I dressed up as witches. Kylee was Ariel she was so excited to be her and wanted her hair RED just like Ariels. Brinkley was Tinker Bell and she was great fairie. we had so much glitter thanks to her Dad's help that she looked like she had pixie dust all over her! Tanner was the cutest firefighter I have ever seen. He thought his hat was way cool! He started crying when he saw Grandma dressed as a witch , and me too, he didn't like us dressed up. It was funny. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dino Park

Over the 24th of July my sister Jenny and her family were up visiting at my Moms. We were able to do some fun things. We went to the Ogden parade and rodeo. We also had a picnic and went to the Dinasaur Park. The kids loved seeing cousins and going to see the Dinasaurs. We had a good time!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I loved the month of July! The 4th and the 24th! So much fun! Well we decided to go to St. George for The 4th, Jim has finished the huge Huntsman Cancer Center Job and is in between for a little while. So Jerry had work he needed help for so it was a working fun trip. We were there for 10 days! We got to see lots of family and friends, usually its always a rushed trip! So we went to Bloomington days and they had a train ride, bubble gum chewing, hula hoops, and rockets blast offs. The girls had a great time! Grandpa and Grandma Miller were with us for the holiday so we had breakfast at the park and then all the festivites!

Then that night we watched the fireworks in the Sun bowl with the live band! I love that and the patriotic music with the fireworks it was great! Tanner and Brinkley didn't think so though... grandpa covered Brinkley's ears the whole time so she could enjoy them, and Tanner I was comforting him with the BOOMS BOOMS!

One of the nights we went up to Enterprise and had dinner with our friend Curt and Amy Niederhauser. Their kids have a little dirt bike with training wheels that our girls thought were sooo cool! So after borrowing Gabe's clothes Kylee got suited up for her first dirt bike ride ... without assistance! She kit the throttle and took off and all you could see is Jim chasing after her in his flip flops! LOL! She picked it up fast, a girl just like her Daddy! Then Brinkley wanted a turn but she didn't want to have to wear the "ugly" boy clothes. So Daddy got a ride on the back with her. We had a great trip and enjoyed seeing all the cousins and friends! We love America!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Well we have been trying to go to Disneyland for the last couple of months and Jim's work schedule was soo crazy that we couldn't fit in a vacation. So he finished up the Huntsman Cancer center that he has been running and has break before the next job starts. So he called me last Wednesday and said lets get packed up we are going to Disneyland! The kids had swim lessons for the next 2 weeks so I called my Mom to see if she could watch Tanner if we could go last weekend,

So we packed our things and bought tickets and made reservations in the car! We got 3 day hopper passes and went to both Disneyland and California Adventure. The girls were in Heaven!! The weather was awesome! Mostly cloud cover which we were grateful for so we didn't burn up all day! It was pretty crowded we timed the big rides just right to where we didn't have to wait long to get on. We rode a ton of rides between the 3 days. We got to watch the Disney Parade, which was sooo fun and colorful. The girls loved it cause they got to see all the characters and we didn't have to chase them down. At night we watched the firework show over the Castle and Tinker Bell flying over it too. We also watched the World of Color light and Water show at California Adventure which was really neat too. We walked and walked all over! The girls were defiantly worn out by the third day! At one point they sat on Jim's feet as we slowly moved through the line! I think Disneyland is really the happiest place on earth... our kids couldn't stop smiling and Jim and I had sooooo much fun which them. We kept asking them what their favorite ride was and they always said everything! We loved it all. Sorry Mr. Tanner next time you will get to go! We missed our little buddy like crazy! We knew he was in good hands and it would have been crazy in the heat and lines with him with us. Next time buddy! The girls are already scheming on how to get us back again! Oh and of course we couldn't not say Hi to Mickey Mouse! The girls thought this was soo cool. He kissed Kylee's nose and gave Brinkley a hug and the just giggled and giggled! Tooo fun! They wore their first timer pins proudly! What a fun Trip!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Big #4

Happy Birthday Brinkley! Brinkley turned 4 last week on June 9th.
She had an awesome birthday! We went boweling with grandma and Grandpa, and Casey and Ashley.

She was a great bowler! She loved it. Then we came back and had her party. We had just her on little friend over Hallie Kellett, Scott and Kelset came too. It was fun.

Brinkley wanted to wear her BEAUTIFUL princess dress ad crown the whole time. For her party she opened presants and we had cake and ice cream... all Princess of course!

She got lots of cute clothes! Barbies, a guitar, bug catching things ( for her potatoe bugs), and Casey and Ash got her a way cute baseball and mit that is pink and purple.. her favorite colors!

She is soo funny! It was fun to see how excited she was to open everything.
What a great day! Happy Birthday Brinkley!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Well we had a great Easter this year! My sisters came into town and Casey and Ashley came up and we were all together. On Friday we colored Easter eggs at my house and had a BBQ. Then on Saturday we had an egg hunt for the kids at Lomand view park. Then on Sunday we went to church and I think this is the first year that my kids actually understood and remembered Christ resurrection. So that was great! My girls were so excited Grandma made them new dresses at special request!(I know I have the most talented mom!) They looked beautiful! It was funny having all the kids together!

Friday, January 14, 2011


Wow it has been forever since I've updated. You know every time my blog has a huge space it most likely because we are moving again and I am crazy busy! Well as you know my husband is a General Contractor and since there is like no work that is the reason we have moved a lot. So we were in Arizona and Jim started commuting to Pocatello Id for a hospital that he was dry walling on a commercial job. I was getting ready to have my baby so I stayed with Jim's sister Kari in Gilbert for 6 weeks. Than we stayed with my Mom and Dad, just the kids and I while Jim finished up the hospital in Pocatello. We didn't want to move our family for a month and then move again. We knew he would be going to Salt Lake at the Huntsman Cancer center. So we had Tanner James West on September 3rd. 2010 in Gilbert AZ. He was born 2 days after Kylee's bday. Jim barely made the delivery with 30 mins before the delivery. We moved to Layton in November, and Jim has been working in SLC. It has been nice to be back in Northern Utah. We have never lived here in our marriage. We blessed Tanner in our new ward on Dec. 5th. We had a great Christmas! We had our own Christmas this year at our house and than after wards went up to my Mom and Dads house. I thought I would just do like 1 picture of everything so its kinda crazy but oh well. Here is a picture of my cute reindeer!
After Christmas we decided to go to visit Jim's side of the family back in St. George. We had a really fun weekend at Jerry and Lisa's house. There was a lot of family from Arizona and Idaho that we don't get to see very often and we had lots of fun. We hope that 2010 treated you all well and that you had a good Christmas season. It was my intent to get out Christmas cars, but it didn't happen... surprise lol. Well we are excited for 2011 and the good things it will bring for our family. Happy New year to all!