Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bear Lake and First day of school!

 Well we had a great summer this year!  I ended posting more on facebook instead of my blog so it seems like we didn't do anything on here.  Well Last weekend we were able to go up to Bear Lake with the Miller side extended family.  We haven't been able to go the last couple of years and we had a great time!  All the cousins loved playing together and Holly and Clint brought Kayaks for the kids to play on and it was lots of fun.  We were up there over the weekend and then the Monday we got back school started for Kylee.  She started 1st grade and is loving it.  Brinkley started Kindergarten on Wednesday and is so excited to be right across the hall from her big sister!  Everyday we drop them off Tanner does cry because then he is all alone and misses them.  So summer is officially over and back to the grind! Oh well it was way fun!