Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Christmas Trees

Well we had a great Thanksgiving full of craziness and activites.
Jims sister Kari and her family was in town and we rode four wheelers
and did Christmas shopping and had a great time.
So we hadn't done any christmas shopping or decorating.

Jim came home from work early on Monday and said lets go cut us down a
Christmas tree!

So I got all our snow things and we headed up to Cedar Mountain.

Usually we go with all the Wests to cut down Christmas trees and it takes a whole day,
but everyone did their own things this year. So for the first time it was just our little family.

We got all dressed up and within about 5 mins boots were falling off and mittens and needless to say it didn't last very long.

Of couse my husband decides to cut down one of the biggest trees to choose from. It was close to 50 feet high the trunk was as big as his head!
Timber then once it was down he cut it down to about 12 feet so we could fit it in our house.

We stopped to get food on the way back, and the got in the the stand and fully decorated by midnight! Wow we thought that was pretty dany fast, considering we didn't even leave St. George till 3 in the afternoon. Jim does have good tastes though, cause our tree looks great!

Here is it standing. but its so tall it blends in with the rest of the forest! We had a great time and this is one of my favorite West traditions! I will have to put one on later of the final product!
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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Late Halloween pics

Happy late halloween!
Well we had a great year this year.
We had the West traditional halloween party, that all of us girls
dressed up as princesses for.
Jim was supposed to be Prince Charming, but I didn't get
his costume done, so he went as Prince Charming in the casual.

The girls had a lot of fun at this party and on Halloween.
They did a fishing pond here, and coloring pages, so they had a
great time with all the cousins!
This is a picture of the cousins!

Scary Kylee! One of her prizes from the fish pond.
For Halloween we had a different party at Jerry and Lisa's
Jim' brother's house and we went trick or treating in their neighborhood, all of the cousins together. So it was a fun week!

Happy Halloween
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Thursday, October 29, 2009

St. George again!

Well our lives have been way crazy!
We recently moved back to St. George from Enterprise, about 3 weeks ago.

We had talked about moving back, but oh wait we have a house that we need to sell before we can move.
So we were talking one day about a new pharmisist in town that was needing to buy a house, so Jim called him up and told him he could come check out ours.
Within 2 days we had signed papers and they wanted our house. The only question was "How fast can you be out?" We are so grateful to have sold our house and be able to be back in St. George. So we have been packing like crazy and getting everything ready to move. We have been in this house for 3 weeks and things are settling down, and we actually have a few things up on our walls even.

Well we enjoyed our time in Enterprise while we were there and we will miss the small community and the great friends that we made.

I do have to say that it is so much eaiser living close to everything, anyways here are my adorable girls
eating their breakfast and lunches on boxes! They were great while we were doing everything.
They are excited to be closer to some of their cousins.

Helping us load up the toys! The girls love to go for rides and have fun out doors, great time to be going to St. George hold on to that warm weather just a little longer!
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Kylee #4

Well last Tuesday September 1st was Kylee's birthday!
I can't believe she is 4 years old already. Well we had a great week.
Grandma and Grandpa Miller came down the weekend before to celebrate!
Then on her real birthday we had a party with cousins and friends.

We had a princess party, so we had games, and disney music,
and gifts and cake and ice cream!
Kylee is the last one of the summer to have her party so she has been asking for
weeks is today my birthday?

We had a great party, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KYLEE!!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kylee first day of Preschool!

Kylee's first day of preschool!
Well school has started again. Ky had her first
day of school on Monday. She was so excited!
She started half way through last year, and this
year she has the same teacher so she walked right
in and new what to expect. She did change times, though
so she has new kids in her class.

Brinkley wanted to be in the picture.
I'm sure glad it wasn't her first day,
look at what she is wearing! LOL
The whole way home Brinkley cried
I want to go to school too!
Next year, these last ones of the two are in front of
her school.
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Friday, August 7, 2009

Bear Lake July- Aug

We had our family Miller reunion at Bear Lake, the first weekend of August.
We stayed at my great uncle Lee's cabin. We had a great time, we could walk out
to the beach and go swimming. My Dad brought up his boat, so we could go boating.
The kids played for hours in the sand and water! Thanks Grandma we had a fun weekend and it was so good to be with all our my extended family!
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Lance and Melissa Wedding

My cousin Lance got married on wednesday July 29th!
We are so happy for them!
They had a beautiful day great day at the temple. luncheon
and the reception was in Mark and Jeanie's backyard.
It was really well done and just beautiful! Congratulations!

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24th of July!

Well I love the 24th in Enterprise, because they have the same
festivities that I grew up with in Ogden!
We had a parade in the morning, it was a big event!
Cousin Kylah and Brinkley gathered candy from the floates and they went by.

Brinkley is eating the candy, great picture huh! I only got three
before my battery died, so I had to use it.

Kylee had her big day for her first time in a parade!
She is taking dance this fall and her dance company marched
and danced in the parade! She made it all the way through, even
with the dancing! I wondered if she could really walk that far... the bigger girls
were pulling her along by the end. She sure had a great time though!
In the evening we went to the Rodeo here in Enterprise, but no pictures... sorry!
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23rd of July fishing

Well Jim has been wanting to take the girls fishing all summer. Oh wait we have gone a bunch all summer and he is the only one that catches anything. So he wanted to take the girls to where he knew for sure they would catch one on their own. We drove about 2 1/2 hours NE of Enterprise out in the middle of no where. To oh wait a tiny little moss pond. You had to be careful if we cast to far it would hit the shore on the other side. So anyways we get there and Kylee casts in, she says "Hey Mom I got a fish," I look at her line and it's not moving, so she starts realing in and all of the sudden a fish comes flying out of the water. She's yelling "DAD I have a fish, I have a Fish!" It was so funny. Then Brinkley caught one with her Barbie pole, it was the biggest fish of the day. Kylee caught 4, Brinkley caught 2, Jim and I each caught 1 all in 30 mins. Then they were done. We cooked some hot dogs, and went exploring in the go cart! It was a great day trip!

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Wow I can't believe how fast July went! Well since I have not updated
anything for july it thought I would. This was the 4 th of July! We had a great
time, we always go to St. George in the Sun Bowl for fireworks. It is so hot here
they don't start until 10 PM. The girls loved the fireworks of course!
I love coming here because they always do
a really nice combination of music along
with the fireworks!
That's her excited face.... or scary!

Cousins Macie, Mandi, Rachel, and Jenny with the girls!
Fun Times!
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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Brinkley's Birthday #2

Well this weekend my Dad, Mom, brother Casey,
and my sister Jenny and her family came down to
celebrate Brinkley's #2 birthday! She turned 2 on Tuesday
June 9th, but because everyone came from out of town we
celebrated it on Saturday.
Before her birthday Grandma took all the kids to
the big water park in Washington so this picture is all six
kids in Jenny's suburban, We thought it was worth taking a picture!
Brinkley got a cozy coupe car... I think she liked it! Look at that cheezy face!

She had lots of help opening her presants, we had 10 cousins total
counting both sides. So it was quite the party, and she got
lots of other fun things from her cousins, and grandparents.
She even blew out her candles all by herself!
We had lots of fun. Thanks to everyone for the presants and for coming!
We had a great weekend! Happy birthday Brinkley!
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