Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! I loved the month of July! The 4th and the 24th! So much fun! Well we decided to go to St. George for The 4th, Jim has finished the huge Huntsman Cancer Center Job and is in between for a little while. So Jerry had work he needed help for so it was a working fun trip. We were there for 10 days! We got to see lots of family and friends, usually its always a rushed trip! So we went to Bloomington days and they had a train ride, bubble gum chewing, hula hoops, and rockets blast offs. The girls had a great time! Grandpa and Grandma Miller were with us for the holiday so we had breakfast at the park and then all the festivites!

Then that night we watched the fireworks in the Sun bowl with the live band! I love that and the patriotic music with the fireworks it was great! Tanner and Brinkley didn't think so though... grandpa covered Brinkley's ears the whole time so she could enjoy them, and Tanner I was comforting him with the BOOMS BOOMS!

One of the nights we went up to Enterprise and had dinner with our friend Curt and Amy Niederhauser. Their kids have a little dirt bike with training wheels that our girls thought were sooo cool! So after borrowing Gabe's clothes Kylee got suited up for her first dirt bike ride ... without assistance! She kit the throttle and took off and all you could see is Jim chasing after her in his flip flops! LOL! She picked it up fast, a girl just like her Daddy! Then Brinkley wanted a turn but she didn't want to have to wear the "ugly" boy clothes. So Daddy got a ride on the back with her. We had a great trip and enjoyed seeing all the cousins and friends! We love America!