Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lake Powell!

Well we went to Lake Powell last week for a couple of days. We went with Jim's sister Kari and her family and his brother Jerry and there family.

We went to Paige and stayed for three days. Each day we would go to a different part of the lake, and play, have lunch on the beach and play some more!

Since I am almost 8 months pregnant, I just stayed in the boat and enjoyed the ride. Jim and the cousins would take turns with the girls on the tube!

My girls are such thrill seekers, they loved the boat and the tube rides!

After wards we went on to St. George for a couple of days, for our nephew Wesley's wedding.

The wedding was nice, and we had a good trip. By the end we were will ready to come home, we had been gone for 6 days. While we were at Jerry and Lisa's and the lake Rachel had the flu and the whole house got it! yuck! So it wasn't fun when all the kids started throwing up! Then it spread throughout all the West family. I think there was like 20 people who ended up getting it! Brinkley got it on the ride home in the truck, so right when we thought the adventure was over suprise!
Jenny my sister is looking for houses in Dammeron Valley and St. George area, so she and the boys and my mom came down for the weekend too. So we got to see cousins on both sides. My kids sure love their cousins!
Overall it was a good trip, we had a blast at the lake and enjoyed seeing everyone!
This last picture is of the girls surfing! It was pretty funny!
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Brinkleys #3 Birthday!

Well on Wednesday my baby girl turned 3! That's so crazy to me... it has gone so fast! We had a great day, she woke up at 5 in the morning and came in and asked if it was her birthday. So she was way excited, I told her she had to go back to bed for a little bit.

We did her party in the afternoon, because it worked better for Jim, he had a lot going on the night. This was the first party we have had in Arizona and it was a lot different than the birthdays in the past.

We have always lived by lots of cousins, and my sister comes down a lot for the birthdays. So we really missed Macie, Mandi, Rachel, Kylah, and "the Boys" (Jenny's 4 boys).
We were really glad that we at least lived close to Kari's family, her four kids and Jake's friend were the only kids at the party.

Aunt Sandra came a little later to celebrate in the fun too! Well she openend here presants, and he had cake and ice cream and then the kids just played.

She got a pony house that has baby pony's to take care of, and a CD player, play computer, and hair stuff.
She is my girly girl! She has been blow drying her hair and taking care of her babies, and she loved every second of it. Afterward we went swimming at Kari's with the kids, she was very stubborn about having to go to Kari's afterwords, so it was her day and we went. Happy Birthday Brinkley we sure love you and enjoy all the fun you bring to our family!
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Well we had a great memorial day weekend. We decided to get out of the heat and head to Payson. We stopped and had a picnic by the park with our girls and after lunch we feed the ducks our leftovers. Then Kari decided that she and her kids wanted to come up and hang out with us. So they met us in Payson, and then we drove up higher in the mountains, because Jim wanted to scout out camping and fishing spots. We drove another hour till we hit a place that we could fish. So we stopped and let the kids fish for a bit. It was getting cold so we built a tiny fire so they could roast marsh mellows! It was a fun day! Lots of driving, but worth the adventure. It got kind of interesting when Kari told us that she was almost to empty and we still had to get off the mountain. We had to stop and buy some gas off of a family camping .... LOL so we could make it back! The girls have been wanting to go fishing for weeks though, so they loved it!