Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Well we had a good Halloween this year. It was a lot different than we have had in the past. Usually we are in St. George and have warm weather and lots of parties and cousins. This year it was a pretty quiet month. For Halloween we had a trunk or treat at our church. Jim had school and Mom came down to hang out with us. We got a pizza shaped like a pumpkin for dinner and then went to the trunk or treat. I took the girls to a couple of houses on our street and then we came back and made caramel apples with the girls. Kylee and Brinkley enjoyed handing out the candy at our house I think as much as getting it. W carved our pumpkins the Monday before Halloween. Mom and I dressed up as witches. Kylee was Ariel she was so excited to be her and wanted her hair RED just like Ariels. Brinkley was Tinker Bell and she was great fairie. we had so much glitter thanks to her Dad's help that she looked like she had pixie dust all over her! Tanner was the cutest firefighter I have ever seen. He thought his hat was way cool! He started crying when he saw Grandma dressed as a witch , and me too, he didn't like us dressed up. It was funny. Happy Halloween!