Friday, December 4, 2009

Getting Christmas Trees

Well we had a great Thanksgiving full of craziness and activites.
Jims sister Kari and her family was in town and we rode four wheelers
and did Christmas shopping and had a great time.
So we hadn't done any christmas shopping or decorating.

Jim came home from work early on Monday and said lets go cut us down a
Christmas tree!

So I got all our snow things and we headed up to Cedar Mountain.

Usually we go with all the Wests to cut down Christmas trees and it takes a whole day,
but everyone did their own things this year. So for the first time it was just our little family.

We got all dressed up and within about 5 mins boots were falling off and mittens and needless to say it didn't last very long.

Of couse my husband decides to cut down one of the biggest trees to choose from. It was close to 50 feet high the trunk was as big as his head!
Timber then once it was down he cut it down to about 12 feet so we could fit it in our house.

We stopped to get food on the way back, and the got in the the stand and fully decorated by midnight! Wow we thought that was pretty dany fast, considering we didn't even leave St. George till 3 in the afternoon. Jim does have good tastes though, cause our tree looks great!

Here is it standing. but its so tall it blends in with the rest of the forest! We had a great time and this is one of my favorite West traditions! I will have to put one on later of the final product!
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