Friday, January 14, 2011


Wow it has been forever since I've updated. You know every time my blog has a huge space it most likely because we are moving again and I am crazy busy! Well as you know my husband is a General Contractor and since there is like no work that is the reason we have moved a lot. So we were in Arizona and Jim started commuting to Pocatello Id for a hospital that he was dry walling on a commercial job. I was getting ready to have my baby so I stayed with Jim's sister Kari in Gilbert for 6 weeks. Than we stayed with my Mom and Dad, just the kids and I while Jim finished up the hospital in Pocatello. We didn't want to move our family for a month and then move again. We knew he would be going to Salt Lake at the Huntsman Cancer center. So we had Tanner James West on September 3rd. 2010 in Gilbert AZ. He was born 2 days after Kylee's bday. Jim barely made the delivery with 30 mins before the delivery. We moved to Layton in November, and Jim has been working in SLC. It has been nice to be back in Northern Utah. We have never lived here in our marriage. We blessed Tanner in our new ward on Dec. 5th. We had a great Christmas! We had our own Christmas this year at our house and than after wards went up to my Mom and Dads house. I thought I would just do like 1 picture of everything so its kinda crazy but oh well. Here is a picture of my cute reindeer!
After Christmas we decided to go to visit Jim's side of the family back in St. George. We had a really fun weekend at Jerry and Lisa's house. There was a lot of family from Arizona and Idaho that we don't get to see very often and we had lots of fun. We hope that 2010 treated you all well and that you had a good Christmas season. It was my intent to get out Christmas cars, but it didn't happen... surprise lol. Well we are excited for 2011 and the good things it will bring for our family. Happy New year to all!