Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy B-day Jim!

Well on Friday the 13th was Jim's birthday! Yeah! Happy Birthday sweetheart! We had a great weekend! Mom and Dad took the kids over night and we went to dinner and a movie and did some shopping. It was so fun! It was weird cause we have kids, but they weren't there, and it was really quiet!

Then we had cake and ice cream on Saturday night with the kids. They decorated the cake haha! I have to admit I was a little worried with how his birthday fell this year, Friday the 13th and with how my birthday weekend went and the accidents Jim has been in in the last 6 months I was thinking please let everything go smoothly with NO injuries! It did and we all had a great time! We love Ya!

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  1. happy birthday jim, you old man. I'm glad there were no accidents especially with your luck and with a friday the 13th being your birthday. Hopefully this year brings you better luck!!! It is weird when you are kidless for a while, its a quiet weird feeling, but it is a much needed thing every so often!!!